Notecard – My Petition To Join The Priesthood

What is your avatar's name:


What do you want your Priest Name to be: (we can discuss this later)


How did you hear about the priesthood:


Did someone recommend you:


If so, who:


Why do you want to be a priest:

To learn and to teach.

Name an Egyptian Sun God:


Who is Osiris:

He who dwells in Andjet.
He who dwells in Heliolopolis.
He who dwells in Orion with a season in the sky and a season on earth.
He who dwells in the house of Serket.
He who is the God's tent.
He who was been put in the box.

Which god is called "The Artificer":


Who is Isis:

 She who gives birth to heaven and earth.
 She who knows the orphan.
 She who knows the widow spider.
 She who seeks justice for the poor people.
 She who seeks shelter for the weak people.

Did the Egyptians believe in an afterlife:


What did the Egyptians believe happens to the soul after the body dies:

If one's heart passes the test of being weighed again Ma'at then (generally speaking, because the 'soul' has many parts) one's 'soul' goes to the afterlife.

Who is the mother of Anubis:

Nephthys, Isis, Hesat and Bastet are all given as his mother.

How many sons does Horus have:


Could the legends of the gods have secret meanings to them:


If yes, explain:

Let he who has eyes to see see and he who has ears to hear hear. 

Which god gave light to the Moon:

Tahuti (thoth)

Do you try to help other people:

If they ask.

Do you believe that Peace and Justice are important:


Do you promise to serve the gods:

Define 'serve'.

Do you promise to try to make yourself better:

Yes. By my definition of 'better'.

Do you promise to follow the rules of our order:

Not without knowing them first.

Can you afford the proper attire for a Neophyte (250L):


Do you solemnly promise and swear that you have answered honestly?


Amon advised me that the first high priest, at that time it was Paiankh, would contact me and make a time for my initiation ceremony. In due course I met with Paiankh. From our first conversations I gained the impression that he had been a high priest in this community for some time but it turned out he had been there for less than a month. It was Paiankh who had been the impetus for the forming of a priesthood in the sim in the first instance. Prior to that there had been a temple but no priests. From my conversations with Paiankh I was able to discern that he was a Mason and an occultist in meatspace, he had been initiated into a temple of the Stella Matutina, as well as being a Martinist, and took the initiation rituals in Second Life very seriously. In fact I cannot provide here a transcript of my initiation ritual as he asked for it not to be published. Paiankh had said I was to be initiated into the lowest level, a wab priest, but after reading my application card he decided to admit me to the second level, as a hem netjer. In ancient Egypt a wab priest was an assistant to the hem netjer whose role it was to see to the maintenance of the temple1. A hem netjer required a higher level of purity as their duties included preparing offerings and having access to the sanctuary to perform rituals2 3.

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