Once prims have been rezzed they can be coloured and textured. All prims have the default plywood texture when first rezzed. A limited set of textures are provided by Linden Lab but residents can upload their own textures to the world. Texture uploads incur a small fee (approximately 5 US cents). Textures and colours can be applied to each surface individually or to the entire prim or linked set at once. Additional characteristics such as shininess, bumpiness, glow and transparency can also be applied.

Textures have a maximum resolution of 1024×1024 pixels1. Textures larger than this will be scaled down to fit this resolution when they are uploaded. All Second Life texture dimensions are constrained by powers of two, e.g. 1024×1024, 512×512. Supported formats are PNG, TGA, BMP and JPG2.

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